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Oxandrolone Bayer, 10 mg / 100 tablets

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    In some countries the name Anavar is more commonly used for Oxandrolone, which is one of its trade names. This product was launched in the US in 1964 by Searle. This new anabolic steroid quickly became very popular until 1989, when it was discontinued. In Europe, this product is now produced under various generic names, one of which is Oxandrolone Bayer. Due to its high price, it is one of the most falsified oral steroids. Recently, I often hear that this anabolic is among those with very little to no effect on muscle growth, but it's not quite true.

    Side effects:

    Due to its anabolic potential, Oxandrolone Bayer has very little side effects compared to other tablets. It is only slightly hepatoxic but still belongs to 17-alpha alkylated derivatives. It is only slightly androgenic. Anavar affects the kidneys, needs their enhanced function to metabolize, in this case, in part, liver function.


    Dosages of Oxandrolone in the range of 40-60 mg per day for 6 weeks are considered common and relatively safe. More advanced steroid users use this substance throughout their cycle of about 11-16 weeks.

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