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Stanozolol 100 tablets / 10 mg, Bayer

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    Anabolic effects:

    We can say that stanozolol is a kind of lesser substitute for oxandrolone. It raises although modest, but solid and relatively sustained increases in muscle strength accompanied with great increase in strength. Among the athletes, Winstrol use is particularly popular among power athletes, jumpers and sprinters. For bodybuilders, with methenolone, trenbolone or boldenone it is a popular drug for muscle definition. In can be very effective for strength and volume in conjunction with testosterone.

    For any bodybuilder Stanozolol Bayer is important during the competition and dieting time. It affects a lot to achieve an attractive physique. One of primary effects of Stanozolol is to harden the muscles when one is already in the lean stage for getting the result. But it will not make the fat body as hard. For getting the ideal resul, it is best to use when the body fat is already at the low level. Moreover, this steroid is appropriate for increasing strength as well as store muscle tissue lost while dieting. So with the hardening effect of Stanozolol, you will get the fine cutting anabolic steroid.

    Side effects:

    Chemically , Stanozolol is a derivative of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) or oxymetholone. It is reported to have a relatively low androgenic effects, but in fact it is much more androgen than oxandrolone. Because of its structure is not capable of aromatases. Claim is that it blocks the production of estrogen by the action of other steroids, with which it is combined. It has been reported its effects are anti-progesteronal, i.e. blocking the formation of progesterone, which is useful for example when combined with nandrolone.

    One should also mention anecdotal reports of rapid hair loss at the beginning of treatment with Stanozolol Bayer. In this regard, stanozolol has the worst reputation as steroid among the variety of foreign users. Described symptoms, however, far more than androgenic alopecia recall telogen effluvium (sudden, full hair loss caused by stress effects, which is usually reversible after a few months). Therefore, it can be speculated that the reason in the present case is not androgenicity of stanozolol, but rather a shock hormone, or a combination of horse-doses of other potent steroids (particularly testosterone). In this context it is appropriate to draw attention to the unique quality of stanozolol to lower blood concentration of SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin), which leads to the growth of testosterone and other steroid hormones in the body and in turn to an increase in anabolic effect - of course, including all its negative consequences.

    Stanozolol Dosage:

    Usual doses are 10-25 mg (or up to 50 mg) daily orally and 100-300 mg weekly injectable. Tablet Stromba is the most common tablet in Europe, but because of the high priced tablet forms, it is usually used with a cheaper American version of Winstrol-V after 50 ml ampoules. The veterinary injection form is more effective than oral but it is an aqueous solution so that stanozolol can not be released from the injection site gradually as is the case for esterified steroids. Injections are therefore usually administered 2-3 times a week, sometimes even daily or daily. In addition, injection treatment is very painful (it is just an aqueous solution). Therefore, a number of athletes inject the stanozolol drink (before shaking, because the white milk layer of stanozolol is deposited at the bottom!). Oral use of the injectable version does not change the efficacy because the stanozolol injection is like 17-alkylated tablets as well. Women use Winstrol quite often, however, virilization effects may occur even at low dosages (4-8 mg per day in tablets).

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