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Methandienone Bayer 100 tabs / 10 mg

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    Perhaps the best-known steroid under the trade name Dianabol. Active substance Methandienone is a modern oral steroid that has a strong effect on protein transformation.
    Due to Methandienone Bayer, proteosynthesis is stimulated and thus promotes the process of protein building. This effect is reflected in a positive nitrogen balance and an improvement in the overall state. The calcium balance is also positively influenced by calcium: Methandienone promotes the establishment of calcium in the bones.
    Methandienone Bayer is applied to all diseases and conditions in which anabolic (promoting protein build-up) and generally encouraging (overall strengthening organism) effect is sought. Dianabol is slightly aromatic, some of the active substance converts to estrogens. Because it is 17-alpha-alkylated, it represents a burden for the liver. With high dosing and long-term use, Methandienone is toxic to the liver. Even at the 10 mg / day dose, the liver test values ​​increase. Due to the strong accumulation of water, Methandienone Bayer increases body weight rapidly and increases in blood pressure and heart rate can be expected.
    In sensitive people it causes gynecomastia or negatively affects the condition.
    Based on strong androgenic components such as conversion to dihydrotestosterone, dianabol can cause significant acne in the face, neck, breast, back and shoulders, as the sebaceous glands are stimulated. In the case of assumptions, Methandienone may support hair loss, which can again be attributed to the conversion of the active substance to dihydrotestosterone.
    Dianabol has a significant effect on endogenous testosterone levels. Studies have shown that ten-day dosing of Methandienone 20 mg reduces the natural testosterone level by 30-40%, which is due to the significant anti-gonadotropic effect of dianabol.

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