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Test-Prop 100 - Genesis


Test-Prop 100 Genesis, testosterone propionate, 100 mg / ml 10 ml

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    Test-Prop 100 Genesis is an androgenic and anabolic (in equal proportion of both) steroids. It is referred to as short esters that’s why at blood level it can be easily controlled. This also means that it is produced naturally in the body, has minimal side effects and can be tolerated by users.
    Testosterone propionate cause only a few water rentention in the body. By the way, this is the reason why some bodybuilders consider propionate as inefficient. But thanks to this feature it is very good for cutting steroid cycle.
    Testosterone as a steroid is highly anabolic and androgenic as it is the most important male sex hormone. You will be able experience growth and repair of muscles. Protein synthesis is increased. It also provides the body with more energy. It is important for athletes and bodybuilders to have more energy during training sessions. Testo prop tries to prevent fatigue allowing you to have longer and harder trainings.

    Side effects:

    Side effects of Testosterone propionate are the most common acne, gynecomastia development, alopecia and hirsutism. As it is usual for any other tesosterone.


    A 50 mg dose every day for 4-5 weeks give great weight gain.

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