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Stanozolol Genesis, 100 tablets / 10 mg

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    Oral winstrol allows bodybuilders to avoid the discomfort of daily injections that are normally the protocol with the injectable version. Due to the fact that the intake of this food can cause absorption problems, it is advisable to adopt a Stanozolol on an empty stomach for best results. Some bodybuilders also choose to split their dose of Stanozolol throughout the day in an effort to keep blood levels as consistent as possible. Winstrol, as it is more popularly called, is one of the most popular steroids in use today. This drug has very low androgenic properties and very high anabolic properties. It does not have the ability to aromatize and therefore does not cause any water bloat. This has made this steroid very popular with bodybuilders in the cutting phase of their training.


    An oral form of Stanozolol Genesis is much simpler to take but more damaging to liver. 40-80mg a day Is recommended dosage if you decided to go for tablets (take dosages twice a day due to its 10-hour half-life) and 50-100mg if you decided to go for injections. Androgen receptors found in bones and muscles are bonded by stanozolol. It achieves activation of AR which results in improved protein synthesis.

    Side effects:

    Stanozolol Genesis tablets is of just use and has no or very little side effects. However, high doses of that product are very lethal. Few users use high doses of that product for the best results but this high dose leads to the damaging effects. Few common side effects are given below:
    - High doses could lead to the acne
    - Vomiting
    - Nausea
    - Increased excitability
    - Oily skin
    - In males hair loss
    - Voice change etc

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