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Methandienone 10mg Genesis, Tablets, 100 tabs

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    Methandienone 10mg Genesis is perhaps the best known steroid sold under the trade name Dianabol. The origins of this anabolic substance date back to around 1940 in Nazi Germany. Allegedly Adolf Hitler deserved to be formed, his goal was to have soldiers with superhuman strength. Around this time, the German enemy of the USSR managed to produce synthetic testosterone and began the "war" on the sports field. Dianabol causes a very strong conversion of proteins into muscle fibers, thanks to the positive nitrogen balance. Furthermore, it positively affects the calcium level in the body, which is manifested by calcium deposits in the bones, so that the bones become stronger.


    The dosage varies considerably in therapeutic use (2.5mg - 10mg per day) and in sports practice (20mg - ***). Beginners should not attempt to dose more than 30mg daily. Prior to taking this steroid, a medical examination - blood pressure, heart disease, etc. is important. Do not take methandienone in the evening.

    Side effects:

    As to Methandienone side effects, you have to recall that it isn't the most risky product out there yet at the same time it isn't the most client friendly steroid. Likewise, with all steroids, the danger of reactions showing up is expanded with the vast portions and longer times of usage. There are reports of people being touchy to this medication and other may have something in their hereditary qualities that can upgrade adverse impacts. While methandienone isn't viewed as androgenic, a few perspectives can even now show up. People that are influenced are the ones who will in general utilize vast portions and are delicate to these steroids. Methandienone side effects can include:
    - Acne
    - Hair misfortune
    - Unwanted body hair
    For ladies it is prescribed not to use these steroids on account of the high danger of virilization. Low dosages are not ensured to protect you. The huge issue for ladies is that on the off chance that something occurs, it is most likely going to be permanent. A portion of the impacts may include:
    - Deeper voide
    - Cardiovascular issues and undesirable body hair
    - Enlarged clitoris

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