Human Growth hormone (HGH) is a protein consisting of 191 amino acids. It is excreted by the anterior pituitary lobe (pituitary gland) and its level in the body reaches its maximum in the first hours of sleep. With increasing age, its amount naturally decreases in the body. His role in the body is irreplaceable.

Since birth,
HGH has contributed to the overall growth of the individual, during life it serves to regulate the metabolic and regenerative processes of the organism. Its presence in body tissues is a signal for the formation of direct anabolic factors (eg IGF-1). They themselves have significant effects on the body (immunity strengthening, protein synthesis, lipolysis, etc.). In his lack of adolescence, there is nanism (low growth) and, in excess, gigantism (extreme height, typical features in the face and skeleton). The excretion of HGH is influenced by the condition in which the organism is located. With intense physical stress, starvation increases its concentration. However, these daily fluctuations caused by the particular cause are not significant compared to nocturnal excretion.

Human Growth hormone is not the same as testosterone and is owned by athletes of all categories and sexes (from endurance athletes to power-lifters).

However, they do not cause weight gains if we do not accept Pure Whey Proteins in a short time. The amount of growth hormone and testosterone also depends on the level of free L-Glutamine in the blood or on the uptake of other free amino acids BCAA, L-Arginine… The level of higher growth hormone and may last for several hours (the effect is disturbed by higher carbohydrate foods and drinks).

HGH can be increased also naturally, you can read about this way here.

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