Injectable form of Deca Durabolin has been introduced with name of Nandrolone Decanoate. Development of steroid has been done around the drug. It is made available in the market for the first time in 1962. The steroids act slowly in the body. Therefore, effect of the steroid can be seen only after three weeks.
Muscle of the body is enhanced with the consumption of Nandrolone. However, negative effect is seen with the production of male hormone. The production of hormone can be normalized after the cycle. It shows some ill effect on the erectile function as well. These problems are only seen in case of high dosage.

In addition to muscle growth, Nandrolone is recommended for the abolition of pain as well. It provides relief to the joint quite easily. Compound of the steroid are used greatly in the process. Mild side effects can be eliminated with adequate care during the cycle. Low dosages of Nandrolone Decanoate are preferred in most cases for benefit in due course. Therefore, the dosages must be continued for long time. Short cycles must not be prepared at any condition. In order to see effects on body, duration of consumption can be extended after consultation with physician. According to recommendation of physician, dosages and duration must be decided.


According body weight, Nandrolone must be introduced to the system. In case of a male athlete, it is possible to 2 mg of steroid for each pound. In this way 250 mg or 500 mg can be absorbed by body every week. It can be continued for about eight to twelve weeks. Minimum dosage for the athletes must be retained within 200 mg. On the other hand higher dosages can be placed at 400 mg per week.

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