As an alternative to testosterone, Boldenone Undecylenate shows some properties of androgenic nature. In the USA is better known with name Equipoise. Functionality of the steroid has been improved with inclusion of Undecylenate Ester. Due to this reason, continued treatment of the steroid is necessary. Generally injection can be repeated after minimum three week for maintaining results. Apart from human, Boldenone has shown its effect on the horses as well. Lean body mass is retained with a healthy appetite. Production of red cells in the body can be improved with the steroid. Due to effect of the drug, it has become a favorite choice within the athletes.
Mild feature of Boldenone has further boosted the use of this steroid. Structure of the drug is enough to enhance the formation of estrogen. However, it is in lesser percentage than testosterone. Studies have been conducted in order to prove the point in front of the user.  Higher rate of water retention can be observed in the process. Problems connected to testosterone are not seen. Generally, there is no issue with the use of Boldenone in moderate level. For a sensitive user, difficulty can be seen for coping up with the ingredient called Gynecomastia in case of elevated dose. If there is a problem with estrogen then Nolvadex can be used as a supplementary drug. Powerful options can be observed with the process. However, it is not necessary with the gentle nature of the drug.


For maintenance of steady level of blood pressure, Boldenone must be infused minimum single time within a span of seven days. Most of the time dosage of the drug is limited to 400 mg and 600 mg for effective result. It is especially prescribed in case of men. Women can take about 50 mg to 150 mg for safe use.

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