I have always kept in mind the basic facts about this preparation and these are: boldenone is the only testosterone that acts over an extremely long time (just 5 or more months in a row) after testosterone. With the longer I enjoyed it, the more positive I felt about myself. One of the most important is my extreme nausea, for which I owe the long-term use of boldenone. This phenomenon persists even when all ASs are dropped. the basis of using boldenone for me has always been very long cycles.
I personally boldenone with testosterone for the duration of any cycle. So this combination has always been the basis of every cycle for me. The only drawback is the longest onset of effect from all preparations up to 3 weeks. But because I took it all, it did not limit me. Regarding the effect, boldenone is weak in its own way, and it is only used in cycles of several preparations as a multiplier of the effect of other preparations.

Side effects:

Compared to other injectable anabolics, boldenone is a relatively safe steroid with small side effects. As I mentioned above, it only aromatizes on average, so only acute athletes are at risk of acne and hair loss. Boldenone is not hepatoxic to the liver, so it is suitable for longer cycles. Usually, at the very first use of a substance, there is a "flu feeling" that usually resolves within 3 days.

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