Winstrol Anabolic effects: Athletes are very popular, but the view of their effects is quite different. Some consider it a weak steroid, which is not a stanozolol. Overall, the use of stanozolol is characterized by small but solid and relatively constant increments. The misconception of its (not) effectiveness appears to arise from looking at the number of tablets the athlete consumes, not the quantity. Tablets of stanozolol are generally distributed over 2 mg (100 tablets in one package), the smallest concentration among all steroids used. In addition, it is a very expensive stuff, so few individuals can afford to use large quantities.

Among athletes, stanozolol is used primarily by athletes because it does not cause water retention and excessive weight gain. For bodybuilders it's a favorite drug for drawing with Primobolan, Boldenon or Parabolan. In conjunction with testosterone, it can be very effective in strength and volume. Compared to other steroids, it has a very good anti-catabolic effect (inhibiting the effects of cortisol). During treatment with patients with AIDS, significant weight gains occurred at 6-12 mg oral Winthral daily.

Winstrol Side Effects: Stanozolol is a chemical derivative of DHT (dihydrotestosterone). It has relatively low androgenic and non-aromatic effects. It is even claimed to block estrogen production by the action of other steroids with which it is combined. Also, his antiprogestagenic, ie blocking of progesterone formation, is indicated, which is beneficial, for example, in combinations with nandrolone and norethandrolone. Very few users report water retention or any other side effects such as increased blood pressure, convulsions, etc. Studies have not shown its negative effect on the liver at therapeutic doses, but are considered to be moderately toxic amongst bodybuilders.

Winstrol Dosage: Usual doses are 10-25 mg (or up to 50 mg) daily orally and 100-300 mg weekly injectable. Tablet Stromba is the most common tablet in Europe, but because of the high priced tablet forms, it is usually used with a cheaper American version of Winstrol-V after 50 ml ampoules. The veterinary injection form is more effective than oral but it is an aqueous solution so that stanozolol can not be released from the injection site gradually as is the case for esterified steroids. Injections are therefore usually administered 2-3 times a week, sometimes even daily or daily. In addition, injection treatment is very painful (it is just an aqueous solution). Therefore, a number of athletes inject the stanozolol drink (before shaking, because the white milk layer of stanozolol is deposited at the bottom!). Oral use of the injectable version does not change the efficacy because the stanozolol injection is like 17-alkylated tablets as well. Women use Winstrol quite often, however, virilization effects may occur even at low dosages (4-8 mg per day in tablets).

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