Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone propionate is the regularly manufactured, injectable testosterone compound with the characteristic of oil-based. The steroid is out from the injection as the added propionate ester gets slower the rate but this happens only for few days. Compared to other esters of testosterone such as enanthate or cypionate, the Testosterone propionate is much faster in action and therefore it requires much more frequent schedule of dosing.


In males, testosterone generally acts for normal functions including development and growth of the genitals, bones and muscles. Moreover, it helps to happen the usual sexual development which is also called puberty in boys. It belongs to the particular category of drugs named androgens. It functions by affecting several body systems in order to develop and work properly. Testosterone propionate is used in men who are lacking the natural substance testosterone. So by using this medication the normal functions of testosterone is helped to proceed and it is also used for those adolescent boys to happen the puberty who are suffering from delayed puberty.

Side Effects:

Before using testosterone, the users should know about some of its side effects so that in case any of the symptoms may occur, he can immediately consult to the doctor.
1. Nausea, headache, increased/decreased sexual interest, vomiting, hair loss, acne or skin color changes may occur due to the side effects of this drug.
2. Pain or redness at the injected site may happen.
3. Those who are using this medication should consult to the doctor right away if any kind of serious side effect will occur such as mental or mood changes (depression, increased anger, anxiety), snoring or trouble sleeping, symptoms of liver disease (yellowing eyes or skin, constant abdominal pain, nausea, dark urine, unusual tiredness), shortness of breath, irregular or fast heartbeats, hands or feet or ankles swelling.
4. The medication may decrease the production of sperm which leads towards lowering of male fertility.
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